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At OKOKLA, we understand what it takes to make a product then ultimately get it into the hands of the customer. Because we have been in your shoes, we created fulfillment services that extends beyond the traditional offerings. OKOKLA caters to our clients everchanging needs because we prioritize our partnerships and truly believe that when you win, we win.

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Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

We take care of all things order, inventory, shipping, and warehouse management.

+ Seamlessly integrate your Ecommerce to our platform

+ 24/7 access to your inventory and orders

+ Store your products safely in our direct facilities

+ Utilize our discounted shipping rates to ship to your customers at the best price

Direct Shipping Management

We are different from the others: our warehouses are our own. Other companies have contracts with warehouses within their platform under different managers. Because we manage our own warehouses, nobody else can beat the personal attention we provide to our clients. OKOKLA is the direct shipping source.

+ Direct Warehouse Management

+ Professional Grade Protection

+ Custom Reports

+ Merchandise Management

+ Returns Management

+ Custom Projects

+ International Fulfillment

+ Same day delivery within the greater Los Angeles area

B2B Fulfillment

B2B Fulfillment

Just focus on marketing and selling your products—let us handle the rest. OKOKLA has relationships with retailers that extend beyond shipping goods. Let us navigate through each retailer's routing guides to get your product on their shelves by providing:

+ Custom Labels

+ Custom Packaging

+ EDI/ASN Transmissions

+ Cross Docks

+ 3rd Party Shipping

Kitting / Gifting / Custom Packing

Sometimes a plain box or polybag just won't do. We know! Whether you need custom tape, boxes, crinkle paper, origami, etc... we understand how important your brand is. OKOKLA can work with your design team and provide custom packaging for you.

Our team is well versed in packing special gifts or kits in small to large numbers. Whether it's for a one off project or a monthly contract, we have the capability to receive your kitting packaging as well as kitting items from multiple vendors until it is time to put them all together into one (or many!) perfect package.


Returns are a bummer and so is the process. We QC and validate every return that comes in so we can keep you and your customers happy while keeping your business flowing

International Shipping

Our software provides electronically generated commercial invoices for all international shipments at no extra charge to you. We ship all around the world so you can trust us to recommend which carriers to use and avoid for your international packages.